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Getting ideas for beading projects is very much like an artist who gets inspiration for their latest painting. An idea from one person can often lead others to realize possibilities. This is called inspiration. While it may be argued that beadwork is barely a craft, there are many who believe it is a true art form. Beadwork is more popular today than in years past with beading artists presenting new ideas, time-honored skills, contemporary shapes and traditional patterns, and adept techniques to their own particular brand of creativity.

Most people enter a new media with a limited skill set, although interest may run high. No matter how proficient a person is at another art or craft, there is always a learning curve. So it is with beading. First attempts may be slow and plodding, but practice will build proficiency and with proficiency comes greater interest and opportunities for creativity.

Reading books, attending beading shows, visiting museums to find older more traditional forms of beading, and listening to other beading experts will inspire creativity. Once the steps of consulting an expert has begun a person will find themselves greatly impressed by those talented hands.

Particularly impressive are handmade beaded bags from the Victorian Era. Inspirational beadwork can be found in pillows and textiles, head-pieces and jewelry. The techniques used in these projects are easy to learn and master. There are many very nice websites that have pictures and descriptions of Victorian beading, some vintage and some very contemporary creations. Soon, even a novice beadwork artist can be on their way to beautiful creations.

Classes are readily available all across the country in adult education classes and craft stores. Check your local listings for classes in your area. The Bead Cottage [] in Virginia Beach is a premier bead store that features classes on all levels of beading. Whether attending classes, or learning craft from books, or from consulting experts, inspiration will follow and soon another beading artist will be born.

Source by Karen Vertigan Pope


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