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Fonts play a very vital role in our everyday life. All of us, whether we use computer or not, are directly or indirectly linked to fonts and keep using them all the times, in fact many times in a single day. Every time you chat on a messenger or you use MS Word or whenever you are typing a cover letter, you are actually playing with fonts. It’s not necessary to have lots of various font styles installed in your personal computer, but it is definitely of immense importance to have the font style with you when you need it.

Installing, updating, deleting or replacing fonts is very easy. You don’t have to be a “technical guy” at all. Anyone can update or add a few extra fonts in ones laptop, tablet, computer, cell phone and the like. All you have to do is find a reliable font distributor and get the fonts you need.

Fonts are majorly or I must say solely differentiated on the basis of their characteristics. Each font style has its own unique characteristics which make it different or unique from other fonts. What are these characteristics; let’s have a look at some of the basic ones.


Weight of a font means the thickness of the characters. Font weight can range from ultra light to ultra bold. Most of us are only familiar with the all famous “bold” font, which depicts the weight of the font. However, there are many other forms of weight as well. Computer programmers, designers, engineers, graphic designers and alike usually use many different weighted fonts. Some of the weight styles are mentioned below:

· Thin

· Hairline

· Bold

· Light

· Block

· Medium

· Heavy

· Black

· Extra black

· Normal

· Extra light


Width represents the stretch of the characters. Letter spacing is used to represent width of the characters. Compressed, wide, extended, narrow, ultra and extra are some of the types of width.


Slope is a special characteristic of fonts or characters which represents the angle of the character. European typefaces are mostly represented with the help of angle. Italic is one of the very common types of slope. Most of the characters don’t change when their angle or slope is changed, however at times characters change their appearance when their slope is changed. For instance, gaining swashes where the character will lose its original appearance.

Optical size

These types of fonts are used by Adobe users and were also introduced by Adobe. In optical size, characters are represented in different sizes ranging from 72 point to 8 point.

As mentioned earlier, fonts are easy to download. Now that you are familiar with almost all the basic characteristics of fonts, you can now download free fonts. You can purchase different fonts, however it is suggested to use free fonts initially to get a grip on various types, characteristics and uses of fonts. For free fonts, try searching for various websites where you can download free fonts. You will find many such websites out there.


Source by Sabih Javed


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