Speed Up Windows 7 Internet – Learn How to Increase Internet Speed in Windows 7


Are you facing Slow Internet problem in your Windows 7 computer? You may have decent speed but certainly you would like to know how much faster it can possibly be. Changing various settings and lessening amount of things interrupting your Internet’s speed in Windows 7 bandwidth can optimize your computer and Internet connection to deliver the speed you deserve.

There are several reasons why Internet Speed is slow on Windows 7 operating system. In this article we will discuss how we can speed up Windows 7 Internet.

First thing to do is to clean your Internet Caches as these are designed to store most recent and most frequently requested information you have accessed on your web browser. To clear your Internet’s cache and speed up your Internet, perform following steps.

a) Open your Web Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or others).

b) Click on the Tools and then select Clear Internet History from the dropdown. (Firefox)

c) You can also remove it using keyboard by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del.

d) Close browser and restart it.

Your Internet connection may be slow because others are sharing specially in case of Wireless or Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is important to establish a WEP password or WPA encryption to stop unauthorized usage.

There are several applications and programs on PC utilizing Internet connection such as start up. In order to fix this issue you should configure settings of programs to not start when your computer starts or to ask permission in order to connect to Internet. It is very important to limit the bandwidth. To do it manually perform following steps.

a) Go to Start Button.

b) Next click on Run.

c) Here type “gpedit.msc” with quotes and Press Enter.

d) Group policy window will appear. On the left corner expand Administrative templates.

e) Go to Network and Expand it.

f) Select Qos Packet Scheduler.

g) Double Click on limit reservable bandwidth.

h) Click on Enable check box and put 0 in the bandwidth limit.

i) Click on Apply and OK

You can also speed up Internet in Windows 7 by modifying initialization file. Here is how you can do it!

1. Go to Start Button on the Taskbar.

2. Run

3. Type here “system.ini” without quotes and press Enter.

A window will appear on the screen. Copy this information into system.ini file (window)

page buffer=10000000Tbps











If you have applied all above steps and nothing seems to deliver the Internet speed you are seeking then certainly it’s your computer. What happens is that web browsers require a certain amount of computing memory and disk space to perform at their best. System itself needs regular maintenance like disk cleanup, defragmentation and more.


Source by Faisal Irshad Khan


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