Why Do Chinese Citizens Think it is Funny to Hack Into US Computer Systems?


It’s almost as if it is a contest, where one hacker takes down a computer network, and then they brag about it. So another hacker comes along and tries to do a one ups-man-ship on the last. Lately the attacks on the United States Military and government computer systems seem to be coming from state-sponsored Chinese military efforts, and they do not appear to be individual citizens out having fun, or innocent teenagers trying to prove that they are the best hacker in the world.

The reality is that the Chinese hacking community is one of the best in the world and they are very well known; along with the Russians and those in Eastern Europe. There are many certified geniuses that take to these hacking games as contests. Not only are they quite clever, but they are mathematicians in their own right and they can write code like there’s no tomorrow.

Obviously, the United States Cyber Command has their work cut out for them. Still, if the Chinese military is involved in hacking into US computer systems, in essence that is pretty much an act of war. It’s rather unfortunate that our number one trading partner would attempt to hurt our nation, because in the end if the US citizen and middle-class boycott Chinese goods the economic stability of China will be in a severe crisis.

If China was really smart they would stop hacking into US computer systems and go somewhere else in the world to practice their trade. Because right now the United States and China are friends, and hacking into your friends computer is not a very nice thing to do. Please consider all this.

Not long ago, I mentioned this to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; “China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” and he admitted that he’d heard of the World Media reports on this, but refused to discuss anything further, as he is loyal to his own nation.


Source by Lance Winslow


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